Duck Hunting 2011 – 2012 Season

We just wrapped up the 2011-2012 duck hunting season here in Oregon. It was the second season that me and Banjo were able to hunt ducks together and we had a great time. We even bagged some ducks along the way too. Banjo usually sits on a little porch on the front of the blind, but sometimes the water floods the blind and then I have him sit up where it’s dry. Water or no water, he prefers to sit right out front and see everything that’s going on. Banjo’s good about sitting still and quiet as the ducks circle overhead. He’s good about it until there’s a whole lot of shooting and no ducks falling, then he hops around and gives me that, “what the hell??” look. Sorry, buddy. Some days we eat duck and some days we eat crackers; that’s just how it goes. One of the great benefits of morning duck hunting is seeing the sun come up. I love being out there at first light with Banjo and the birds. Banjo enjoys everything about it: getting to romp around with his buddies on the walk to the blind, sniffing critter trails, jumping in the pond, and of course, retrieving ducks. He also has a special fondness for my breakfast, which I gladly share with him too. Best of all, we have a great time out there together, man and dog. I hope I’m his best friend, ’cause he sure is mine. (More photos here.)

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