Warm Weather Geese

I love fall: the transition from summer, cool nights, sunny days, and flocks of geese calling out from the sky. Time for man and dog to make a hide at the edge of a fallow wheat field, put out some decoys, and when the geese call from above, we answer from below. There is nothing quite like having a thousand geese spiral into your field like a black funnel cloud, circling lower and lower, until finally landing right in front of you. I love watching, listening, and being right there in the flock. Unfortunately, some have to die so I can eat. Shooting time came and still I hid there in my blind, not wanting to disturb the scene in front of me. Ruby sat in her “mutt hut” quietly taking in the wonder of so many geese, so close. Four minutes, five minutes went by and then I chose a goose on the edge and put him down. His family flew off, but they came back in smaller groups and over two mornings, Ruby and I took two limits of geese. The fiery sunrise, hunting in a short sleeved t-shirt, the total experience is a memory that I’ll cherish. It’s nice to have a few of these to go along with the many days of hunting where we came home empty handed. Someday when Ruby is long gone and I’m too old to hunt, I will look back at these photos and remember a great day in the field.

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