Ducks, Dogs, & Driving

What do you do with a truck full of waterfowl hunting gear, two dogs, and nine days? If you’re two bird hunting bozos from Oregon, you drive 1,283 miles to the legendary DT Ranch in Weldona, Colorado and hunt ducks. Of course we have terrific duck hunting right here in Oregon, but Joe and I bought this hunt at a Ducks Unlimited fundraiser and decided to make a road trip out of it. Stopping at Summer Lake, Oregon and Ruby Lake, Nevada, we met good people and had a good time, despite warm, sunny weather with few ducks in the air. Pushing on across Utah and Wyoming, we arrived at the DT Ranch just in time for cold weather and a fresh crop of migrating ducks. The DT Ranch is 2,100 acres of prime waterfowl habitat, owned by 24 conservation-minded hunters who manage it for birds first and hunting second. Our gracious host, Scott McGraw, lodged us in the ranch house, cooked meals, and put up with our bad jokes as we hunted two mornings and one afternoon in near-zero degree weather. We had a great time and our trusty duck dogs, Tango and Ruby, handled the cold weather with their usual “get up and go” attitude. If you ever get a chance to visit the DT, don’t miss it. THANK YOU, Scott for supporting conservation and hosting us!

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