Santa Rosa Island

This week I’m going to take a break from goat stories and share some photos and comments about my recent trip to Santa Rosa Island, California. Santa Rosa Island (SRI) is part of the Channel Islands National Park, located off the Ventura coast. The official Park Service website is here:

I visited SRI at the generous invitation of my friend, Will Woolley, whose family raised cattle on the island for several generations, before selling the island to the Park Service. As part of the purchase agreement, Will’s family retained a 25 year lease on the island, that includes the right to manage and hunt both elk and mule deer as well as continue to live on parts of the island for the duration of the lease. That lease ends this year, and ten of us who attended Oregon State University together, flew to SRI for several days of hiking, laughing, and telling lies.

SRI is 84 square miles (~54,000 acres) with no towns, no stores, bars, malls, or housing developments. It can only be reached by boat or short flight from Camarillo via bush plane. What exactly is does “bush plane” mean? It means put in some earplugs and hang on! They typically land on any flat spot in the dirt, which is good, because that’s what the runway is on SRI.

If you like hiking and camping, SRI is fantastic. The mountains, valleys, and pristine beaches go on for days. Check out my photos on PicasaWeb:

Santa Rosa Island

One thought

  1. Someone lied? Which one of those no-good, varmint rustlers weren’t totally honest while we were there. I want names, dammit!

    Trip of a lifetime. I will miss SRI. Nice pics.

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